We feel proud to introduce our self, TEKNOBLECH, as one of the leading manufacturers of Material Storage & Handling Systems.

Also we are manufacturer of variety of Sheet Metal Boxes used in Electronics Industry, IT Industry, UPS Boxes, Control Panels, Medical Instruments, Tool Boxes, etc.

Through our technical design and experience we add value not in our business but also in our customers’ business. Best quality raw material and the best process ultimately give us best quality finished products.

After successful completion of our every project we enriched our self with extensive experience and appreciation from the customer.

With our innovative approach to see the world and broad experience, we are upgrading ourselves to improve our efficiency by improving our productivity, simultaneously making it cost effective, exactly matching with customers’ requirements.

After benchmarking with others; we term “High Tech Machinery, Dedicated & Skilled Workforce & Our Experience” as our Competitive Advantages. These competitive advantages are significant factors to make us stand ahead of the crowd.

We are in this Business since 1980 and in December 2007, we received Industrial Excellence Award from All India Achievers Foundation.
TEKNOBLECH is one of the leading manufacturers of:
Slotted Angle Racks, Material Handling Equipment, Storage System, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Quality Powder Coating, and Industrial Spray Painting
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