We feel proud to introduce our self, TEKNOBLECH, as one of the leading manufacturers of Material Storage Systems & Sheet Metal Boxes. Our product range includes Storage Systems such as:

bul_bullet Slotted Angle Racks
bul_bullet Heavy Duty Racks
bul_bullet Pigeonhole Racks
bul_bullet Industrial Cabinets & Locker Cabinets
bul_bullet Trolleys & Pallets
bul_bullet Stackable Bins
bul_bullet Tool Box
bul_bullet Gravity Roller Conveyors

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Warehousing and distribution are having a major influence on business efficiency. Today customers expect their goods to be delivered without damage, on time and probably next-day. The design of warehouse and its effective operation are the key to distribution system.

Hence efficient Storage System has got utmost importance to reduce the hassles of storage warehouses.

As a part of our business, we also provide the solutions to effectively utilise the available space to increase the storage capacity by providing the best possible layout for the warehouse.

To cope up with the customer requirements we require to keep bettering every aspect of our products and services, thus benefiting our customers in newer ways. Continuous efforts and extensive hard work has made us highly experienced and skilled in material handling equipment, storage system and sheet metal.
TEKNOBLECH is one of the leading manufacturers of:
Slotted Angle Racks, Material Handling Equipment, Storage System, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Quality Powder Coating, and Industrial Spray Painting
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